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Are You Suffering From Lymphedema In The Greater Birmingham Area And Are Trying To Find Help?


Lymphedema is an abnormal increase of protein-rich fluid that causes swelling in the arms and legs. If left untreated it can interfere with wound healing and increase the risk of infection. Through effective management, patients can reduce pain and swelling, promote wound healing, prevent skin infections and improve functioning of the affected limb and quality of life.

What We treat

We offer a personalized, comprehensive treatment program to help patients who have or are at risk for lymphedema caused by radiation and/or cancer surgeries, trauma, infections, filariasis, tumors, obesity, venous insufficiency, and congenital/hereditary disorders.

Lymphedema Treatment

Complete Decongestive Therapy For Lymphedema
"When my doctor told me that I needed treatment for lymphedema, I didn't know what it was. I knew that I had had swollen legs and feet for years and that I now had blisters on my legs. Jennifer Spencer was recommended to me for lymphedema therapy, a different kind of physical therapy. She not only treated the lymphedema in my legs, but she treated my whole body. She has shared strategies and exercises to help decrease urinary incontinence, another one of my problems. The exercises made a difference and she combined them with posture and core strengthening. The therapy has helped me to improve my walking which was one of my main goals. I am much more mobile now. Therapy with Jennifer has made such a difference."
Jeannine S.

About Your Lympedema Therapist

Jennifer Self Spencer is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and teaches patients how to reduce swelling, prevent infection, and improve function and home management. She has received advanced education in manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, wound care, and the overall management of Lymhedema/ Lipoedema. She has over 13 years experience in treating clients with Lymphedema.

SaMone Jackson is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She has received advanced education through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, and the overall management of Lymhedema/ Lipedema.

"I have suffered with lymphedema for many many years and never thought I could be helped. Boy, was I wrong. Jennifer worked with me but also teaching me what to do for my swelling. I am so much better, if I do the work that is needed, and very pleased with the results. Jennifer is so kind and wants to help you achieve what you want. So many friends have noticed the difference in my leg and foot."
Gwen I.

Want To Get Relief Faster?

"I am thrilled that Magic City PT in Hoover, AL was recommended to me for lymphedema treatment. Dr. Jennifer Spencer, Owner, has been a godsend in helping me with the swelling in my legs & also in strengthening and balance. I highly recommend Magic City PT to anyone fighting this battle. Kudos to Dr. Jennnifer."
Marion W.