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Hannah Voboril

“After a traumatic birth I was having lots problems and pain. I went to doctors and they gave me very little hope of improving. A few weeks of therapy with Jennifer I felt like I got my life back.”

Jeannine Spann

“When my doctor told me that I needed treatment for lymphedema, I didn’t know what it was. I knew that I had had swollen legs and feet for years and that I now had blisters on my legs. Jennifer Spencer was recommended to me for lymphedema therapy, a different kind of physical therapy. She not only treated the lymphedema in my legs, but she treated my whole body. She has shared strategies and exercises to help decrease urinary incontinence, another one of my problems. The exercises made a difference and she combined them with posture and core strengthening. The therapy has helped me to improve my walking which was one of my main goals. I am much more mobile now. Therapy with Jennifer has made such a difference.”

Selah Xenos

“I was referred by my nurse practitioner to try physical therapy because I was having worsening symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. I really wanted to avoid medication and surgery. Life has been busy, but I was now wanting to put the work in to to make the changes. After several appointments, I have had drastic improvement in symptoms to the point of leak free days. Jennifer was able to instruct me on how to exercise my pelvic floor. She gave me homework to do between appointments. She gave lifestyle tips that would help to make improvements in my pelvic floor. I came in initially feeling like I had minimal strength left in my pelvic floor to really being able feel those muscles engage. I’m more conscious to use my pelvic floor muscles to prevent leakage. I highly recommend Jennifer and her expertise. I am thrilled with the results and am willing to continue the work to improve my pelvic health.”

Jennifer G.
“Jennifer is an amazing Physical Therapist. She has treated myself, my husband , and most recently my mother with Alzheimer’s. Our therapy has ranged from shoulder surgeries-back pain-total knee replacement. She provides each patient thorough and compassionate care. When my mother needed rehab I immediately looked for her because we all want the best for our loved ones.”
Donna P.

“Great experience! Extremely knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend to all my friends and family.”

Madison W.
“Jennifer is an incredible PT! She listens and works hard to find the right treatment for you. She worked with me through some running injuries, and I was able to complete my half marathon! I would highly recommend her to anyone needing any type of physical therapy- she has so much to offer her patients.”
Sydney M.

“Dr. Spencer is incredibly knowledgable. The detail and time she spent with me to rehabilitate all of my many sports-career injuries to postpartum healing, shows just how much she knows and cares about her clients. I am forever grateful for how she pushed me as well and as a result I feel much better!”

Brandon E.
“Jennifer is a phenomenal physical therapist and a pleasure to work with! She really helped my wife with her shoulder pain and headaches!”
Ryan K.
“Nothing beats the convenience and individual care of Magic City Physical Therapy!”

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