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Welcome To Magic City Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

"We Help Women In The Birmingham Area With Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Lymphedema And Breast Cancer Associated Conditions Who Want To Live With Less Pain And Discomfort So They Can Get Back To Their Favorite Activities Again."
(Even if past treatments have failed)

Let Me Ask You...

At Magic City Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy:

“Jennifer is an amazing Physical Therapist. She has treated myself, my husband , and most recently my mother with Alzheimer’s. Our therapy has ranged from shoulder surgeries-back pain-total knee replacement. She provides each patient thorough and compassionate care. When my mother needed rehab I immediately looked for her because we all want the best for our loved ones.”
Jennifer G.

Who We Help:

People Suffering From Pelvic Floor Pain

Who fear being limited by their condition forever and not be able to enjoy their lives with their friends, family, or partner.

Women With Bladder Control Issues

Who are always looking for the next bathroom, concerned about needing to wear pads, and embarrassed by the pain and discomfort they’re dealing with.

Prenatal Women With Body Aches & Pains

Who want to enjoy their pregnancy and be able to stay active and feel prepared for their delivery.

Postpartum Moms Dealing With Pain & Discomfort

Who feel like their body will never recover from their pregnancy and birth and lack the confidence to get back to the activities they enjoyed before.

Breast Cancer Survivors

Who thought everything would be ok after breast cancer surgery and are suffering from scar pain, sensitivity, and swelling.

Those At Risk or Sufferers of Lymphedema

Who want to reduce swelling in their affected arms so they can experience less pain or heaviness and be able to move without extreme discomfort.

People With Balance & Vestibular Problems

Who miss feeling steady on their feet, moving without the room spinning, and want to get back to normal.

We Offer A Hands-On Approach To Your Wellness Using Our Clinic’s 3-Step Recovery Method



Look At The Whole Picture, Not Just Where It Hurts

Getting the help you need for your pelvic floor pain and discomfort can be exhausting. There are long waits for appointments, and once you get in there, there isn’t much one-on-one time with just you and the provider to take into account all of the information about your health problem.

Without that dedicated personal time, many medical professionals can miss important clues that allow them to treat each unique body, history, and type of pain the way you need it most.

That is why our first step is to have an open conversation with you and give you enough time to tell us your story.

We know the importance of having personal time for personal issues.

That way we get a deep understanding of what’s going on, not just with your pelvic floor, but with your whole body and how it’s impacting your life.


Come Up With A Treatment Plan Together

Many times, our patients have exhausted all of their treatment options without success before coming to see us.

That’s why we encourage you to share your history with us, along with any past treatments you’ve tried, so we can come up with the most efficient plan to get you back to your confident, radiant self.

You know your body the best, and you know what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you in the past.

That’s why we collaborate with you and bring our expertise to the table to create a plan to get you better and living with less pelvic floor pain and discomfort.


Get Back To Being Confident In Yourself And Your Body

Once we have a customized treatment plan, you’ll be on your way to achieving freedom from your pelvic floor pain and discomfort.

Before you know it…

You’ll Feel Confident In Yourself And Your Body

…and be able to enjoy the vibrant, worry-free life you deserve.

Reach out to Magic City’s highly trained pelvic floor physical therapists today to begin your journey back to your radiant, confident self.

Want To Get Relief Faster?